Bơm nồi hơi Ebara - EVMS (new)

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Danh mục: Máy bơm nồi hơi Ebara.

Mô tả chi tiết


1. Pump Type
The Ebara EVMS is Non-self-priming, vertical multistage in line, centrifugal pumps.
2. Model range
The Ebara EVMS comes in 1,3,5,10,15 and 20 m3/h flow sizes for the majority market needs.
3. Maximum operating pressure
The Ebara EVMS can be operated at 16 bar or 25 bar as maximum.
4. Operating temperature range
The Ebara EVMS can be operated from - 30 to + 140 C as the maximum.
5. Material options
- AISI 304, AISI316 and Cast iron versions are available.
6. Motor
The Ebara EVMS can be coupled with the commercial motors that are acquired in the markets. The Ebara EVMS can be provided as the electric pump with IE3 motor for the over 0.75 kW. PTC sensor is available from 1.5 kW motor

Main Product Features:

1. Innovative hydraulic solutions
Commercial motors can be fitted to all of the pump models without any modifications thanks to low pump axial thrust load.
Low axial thrust load impeller can ensure long life of the motor bearing.
High pump efficiency classified in MEI > 0.7 for all models.
2. Energy saving
High efficiency IE3 motor starting from 0.75 kW complied with the EuP 2005/32/EC and ErP 2009/125/EC directives.
The VFD (Variable frequency drive) and the commercial sensor can be directly mounted on Ebara EVMS to maintain physical constant operations such as pumping pressure depending on the conditions of use.
3. Piping connection options
The various pipe connections are available depending on the application requirements Oval flange / Round flange / Loose flange / Victaulic / Clamp
The external dimensions can be adjusted to the replacement of the existing pump in the wide majority
4. Shaft seal solutions
Silicon carbide inclusions with graphite can be used as dry lubricant to reduce friction.
It's conforming to EN12756 (ex DIN 24960)
5. Easy maintenance
The cartridge mechanical seal enables the plug in replacement of the shaft seal without disassembling the motor bracket
The spacer coupling allows easy maintenance without having to remove heavy motors over 5.5 kW.
6. Smart plug solutions
Air ventilation plug / Water filling & sensor plug / Commercial sensor fitting / Measurements for suction and discharge pressure / drain



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